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Here you will find:

  1. Articles on the OBD2 Connector
  2. Articles on the OBD2 Standard
  3. Articles on the New CAN Standard
  4. Articles on basic electronics

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Mario I.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Is there any way to retrieve an Odometer reading via OBD2?

    We have seen an ACTIA Instrument cluster wherein the ‘Message Center’ LCD dot matrix display rows and columns have randomly failed, making the display unreadable. We would therefore wish to retrieve the Odometer reading by some different means.

    We can go directly to Actia.com or Workhorse.com, but self-sufficiency is desirable.

  2. If you find out there is one, please let us know. My display died and they want 1100 bucks and no guaranty. All the writes I read say the repairs only last a few months.

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