Obd2 scan tool could make you save hundreds of dollars…..

Car Owners Can Save Hundreds of Dollars on Auto Repairs with a OBD2 scanner.

DIY, is the keyword here.

How ? You purchase a OBD2 Scan Tool  for under one hundred dollar.

Then by utilizing tips and information on online help, automotive forums and other tools. Example, you get a check engine light code (DTC) P0171 and P0174 on a Ford F-150, Some Mechanic tells you that is 100 % sure it’s the Oxygen sensor !!!

But, What it means is that the engine is running lean. There are many possible problems that may cause the air-fuel mixture to be lean: Defective or contaminated airflow sensor, intake vacuum leak, dirty fuel filter, etc. There are certain tests to be performed to find the exact cause of the problem. Common problems with Ford engines are defective airflow sensors and vacuum leaks.

So, replacing the O2 sensors for nothing may cost you up to $ 600. By using this simple and low cost obdii CAN scanner

You can save Hundreds and Hundreds Dollars. The internet is full of Forums dedicated to you our make of car and with valuable advice form users that did repair their our cars.